02 December 2009

World Cupcakes

So by now you know a little more about me ... most importantly, that I LOVE cupcakes ... and that I live in sunny South Africa - Cape Town more specifically.

And if you know anything about Cape Town and/ or anything about sports - football in particular - you'll know that the two are intricately linked this week.

Yes, that's right, Cape Town is beautifying herself for the arrival of our very own Charlize Theron, as well as the devilishly gorgeous David Beckham, along with a flurry of other superstars.

You see, while the FIFA World Cup Football Tournament only kicks off (please excuse the dreadful pun) in June 2010, this Friday evening, 4 December, Cape Town plays host to the Final Draw. That means we find out who plays in what pools, against who and where. It's the last piece of information the world is waiting for - it affects the flights people book, the places they stay, where they party - you get the picture!

Have I lost you already?

I promise I can bring this back to cupcakes - but I needed you to understand why all the hype first!

I took some inspiration from a little chocolate football mould I found at my local baking shop last week.
And I came up with the World Cupcake ... in celebration of the World Cup Final Draw!

This is why I love cupcakes - they are so adaptable ...

And because I'm feeling particularly patriotic, I added this special touch.



You want to see a close up?

And for good measure - I made one football half in white fondant icing.

It took a fair amount of petal paste dusted in the mould to ensure I'd be able to get it out afterwards, but it worked a treat!
Of course I then had to colour in with an edible pen!
I felt like a child again!

I hope you enjoy them?


B said...
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B said...

Hey babes.
Saw this today and thought of you...
Miss ya!

lolita said...

wow looks so yummy x


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