22 August 2009

Baking and bubbles

So, I thought it was important to share my new found freedom with some girlfriends, some bubbles and some pretty special yummy treats.

Yesterday I was blessed to share the afternoon with six fabulous self employed friends, and it was the perfect excuse for me to try out some new recipes!

Most importantly, we had bubbles ... lots of them.

Then my prerequisite cupcakes ... I just love them ... and because we had some little people with us, I enjoyed using a wide array of colourful sprinkles! There are so many great sprinkles available these days. In fact I think I'm starting a little collection of my own.

So much fun! I love the little flowers - I bought some fantastic flower cutters from Imaginitive Icing recently and I was too impatient to make a flower gum paste mixture, so I just rolled out some pre made fondant, which worked well enough to satisfy my curiosity! I'll have to make them properly one day soon...

Then I tried out something called cake pops. I will need some more practice before they are as good as Bakerella's - she was my source of inspiration for these - but they were a huge hit and a nice innovation - a small ball of chocolate covered cake as a lollipop! Fabulous!

Pretty little vanilla butter cookies - these I loved! And they were so easy...

And of course, meringues ... I just love these little guys ... all soft and gooey - and not a bad option if you need to watch your waistline.

And they were nice for breakfast this morning too!

So, thanks to my ladies for joining me yesterday, thank you for my gifts and for your support!

Robyn of Ben's Mom Floral Design gave me a beautiful floral arrangement, using my trade mark lime green, for Lime Scales. Beautiful!

I love this photo ... too tempting ...

I had a great time and will be sure to let you know when there are more recipes to try out!
Thanks, and keep reading


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