31 August 2009

Very Vintage Cupcakes

Could I be obsessed with cupcakes? I think so. I just love making them - they are my absolute favourite ... these little bite sized pieces of heaven. And I love that it's easier to pick up a second cupcake than go back for a second slice of cake - or is that just me? I think I get most enjoyment out of playing with colours of icing and all the different sprinkles you get. So much fun! Since I last wrote, I've made a few more cupcakes - check these out... and these ... So pretty! And then last week I tried something completely different ... I had seen a recipe for Earl Grey Tea Infused Cupcakes and while I love the idea, I'm somewhat resistant to change. You see, I love my fail safe cupcake recipe, with thanks to Nigella Lawson and my all time favourite cook book, How to be a Domestic Goddess, so while I didn't want to change my recipe, I did think I could find a way to marry the two. The recipe calls for a few tablespoons of milk, so instead of being
my usual pedestrian self, this time I heated up a mug of milk, and steeped two tea bags in it. But one type of tea wasn't enough for me. So I got quite complicated - four mugs, all with different flavours of tea. I was sure to use lots of notes, to be sure I kept tabs on which batch was which flavour - I even colour coded all the writing. (I should have photographed the production line for you - you would have laughed!). And all those colours translated nicely into four different colour cupcakes.
What do you think?
May I say I think they were quite beautiful? So, the question is, which flavour would be your favourite?

Earl Grey - these were my favourite, especially with the very pretty
sugared Violet petals my dear friend Jacqui sent me from London. A little closer? Green Tea? A little closer? Maybe Ceylon Tea? And a close up? or Rooibos, that great South African specialty tea? Closer still? In case you're wondering why all the effort?
Ben's Mom Floral Design and I met with the organisers of the Vintage Fair last week, which launches at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town in October.
This was the vintage idea I presented to them.
And this is what Ben's Mom presented.
Good old Quality Street!

We are considering having a presence there and I thought tea infused cupcakes was a very vintage idea!

What do you think?

Would you buy from us?

It should be very exciting - I will keep you posted on progress.
Keep reading! Nicky


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