07 September 2009

Baby cakes

We went away for the weekend - up to Darling for the Voorkamerfest 2009, which was fantastic as always!

What that meant though, is that I missed out on a baby shower for a very special friend. I was gutted. So, because I couldn't be there, I made sure I had a presence there - in fact it was also my present!
Am I confusing you?

I made some mini cakes, and sent them to the shower with a friend.

Take a look ...

I couldn't resist the little booties after seeing them in a cupcake book.
Yes - I made them myself!
So simple as well, I couldn't believe it.

All I had to do was roll out a little sausage of pre made fondant icing (which I have in my pantry of course), fold it in half (I used a toothpick to guide me here) and then hollow out the top half with a ball tool (I happen to have one of these too, as they are mentioned over and over on cake decorators sites, so couldn't resist), but I imagine you could quite easily use the back of a pen or pencil too.

Aren't they cute?

The cakes were vanilla sponge marbled with red berry juice, topped with pink butter cream icing, with fresh berry juice for added flavour.

Then for the second cake, I have a selection of Winnie the Pooh icing decorations (again sent out from London!!!), which were just perfect!

Aren't they great?

Here's Pooh.

Look at Piglet!!!

Ooh - Piglet again!

I just love Eeyore - he's my favourite.

Unfortunately it looks like Tigger lost an arm, and I didn't even notice!
I still love him.

Just great - and so simple.


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